Why Do Babies Start Talking

When do Babies Start Talking?
For any parent, the progress and development that their baby makes is very important because each parent wants to see their child grow and develop well. There are various signs that show that the baby is growing well and developing as supposed to.
A parent will always look forward to his or her baby’s first step and will long to hear the baby’s first word. These mark an important milestone in a baby’s life because they indicate that the baby is developing well not only physically but mentally as well. When a child fails to start talking or walking at the right time, it may be a sign of underlying issues that may be as a result of physical problems or improper brain development.
Talking is not only a sign of being
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It is important to note that as babies learn and develop their cognitive ability, how you engage with them will affect how he or she learns because that is how they learn to react to words.
As your baby grows and her cognitive ability develops, he or she will go through various stages and these stages will be affected by the environment. Studies show that when a baby is in an environment where people talk to him or her a lot, then he or she will develop her ability to speak and other cognitive abilities at a faster pace.
To help your baby in his or her speech development, there are various things that you as a parent can do. For one, you can engage your baby in conversations; talking to him or her and allowing them time to process what you say and to respond. Response may be through eye contact, body movements or babbling.
You should also use different tones when talking to your baby because as the baby tries to imitate you, he or she will learn new sounds.
Steps a Baby Goes Through When Learning to
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Their memory continues to grow and they are able to recite things as well as to tell stories especially of exciting experiences or things they have watched. They will even develop as sense of understanding tenses and will know to use different words for the past and present times in sentence construction.
It is important that children are encouraged to develop their cognitive skills. When the baby makes his or her first word, the parent should show excitement and congratulate the baby. This will push the baby to want to try more sounds and more words and eventually it can make the baby to be able to talk at a younger age as compared to a baby who received no positive reinforcement.
Play word games and rhyming games with babies to help them develop their speech and when they make a mistake, the best thing is to correct them immediately and with a lot of patience. Parents should also use story books and storytelling to enhance their baby’s vocabulary. The more words the baby is exposed to, the better they are at developing the ability to learn words faster.
Singing has also been found to help because it also helps with their memory, enhancing the baby’s ability to retain words that they have

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