When Class Let Out, My Thoughts About Sebastian Essays

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When class let out, my thoughts about Sebastian were disrupted by Mason. He was currently telling me he would see me tomorrow. I smiled and nodded my head telling him I would see him on Friday.
I got up from my desk and headed toward Sebastian classroom instead of swinging by the cafeteria for a quick snack. I want to get to Sebastian classroom before students arrived. I cut through the commons area and headed directly to classroom. I went in and expected to find him but he was not there yet, so I headed to his office located further down the history hallway. His door was closed which was unusual unless he and I were in there together or possibly the head of the history department.
I listen intently to hear who was currently occupying the room. I then heard that all too familiar snarky tone that belong to his paralegal "slash" assistant Jen. I knocked only once before I quickly open the door. I was expected worse, that he might have had her against the desk or on the floor where he and I are known to have sex. However, he was currently occupying the desk while she was resting her ass on the edge of the desk as if no seats existed within his office. He looked at me a smile came across his lips.
"Hello Emma," he spoke. He spoke my name in that smooth voice he uses when he is extremely horny. I remember it from this morning when he spoke my name when he was trying to get me to wake up so he could fuck my brains out.
"Sebastian," I breathlessly spoke his name. My eyes were…

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