`` When Bright Girls Decide That Math Is `` A Waste Of Time `` By Susan Jacoby

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The author Susan Jacoby in an essay “When Bright Girls Decide That Math Is “a Waste of Time””, states reasons for avoiding crucial courses in high school by intelligent girls. The purpose of the author is to demonstrate that girls have more use of professional courses in their daily lives. Ignoring crucial subjects make them incapable of even everyday tasks. Jacoby discusses the reasons for girls putting professional courses aside are “wasting time”, refraining from appearing attractive and being limited by a lack of moral guidance (121-123). Intelligent high school girls anticipate professional courses are a squandering of time. According to Jacoby, girls bright in professional courses are avoiding them with a deliberate fallacious reason. Girls who want to pursue their career in non-professional courses believes that further continuing math and science courses in senior year are a misuse of their time. She recounts her high school experience, how she consciously shows disinterest in geometry even though she is smart at algebra in her freshman year of school. She states that ignoring math and sciences are intentional “self-sabotage” in girls (122). Brainy girls appear unfeminine to boys. Jacoby discusses an unreasoning belief in young girls that math and sciences are "masculine" subjects. She states that an adolescence girl’s fear of choosing science and math in high school that makes them have "unfeminine braininess" to boys. Jacoby brings up a recorded incident: “in…

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