Wheeling and Dealing: the Zirconia Gt Essay

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Ques 1. Was it a good deal for Marcia? Why or why not? Give reasons.

No, it was not a good deal for Marcia at all.
The following reasons briefly describe the above said.
a) While doing paperwork and finance formalities, she had to give many hidden charges. The deal wasn’t transparent. For example Darrel did not inform her about the processing fees and insurance fees. So in a way Marcia approved the deal with a wrong idea about it.

b) In terms of time and energy, Marcia had to suffer mental agony because of various hidden charges she had to pay while she was doing her final formalities. Her first and foremost concern was price. Darrel, who knew this, somehow managed to convince her that she would get so many discounts. But actually
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It was just to lure her into the deal. He also offered her various options at cost but instead of saying with conviction that she did not need those options in the first place, Maria seemed confused and got herself cornered. My response in such case would be, “Please talk with your specialist and give me a confirmed trade-off. Also I really don’t need those options, however you say that not all options can be removed, I will still consider it but given that am offered some discount in terms of a free extended warranty or a waiver in dealer charges”.
If he was reluctant to offer me the above-mentioned discounts I would have told him that being a new customer I could be a permanent taker of his services and also could spread a good word among my friends.
In the end before making the deal I would have asked him to make a final addition of all the charges and give me the final take away cost so that I could get back to him later on the same day. In the meanwhile I would have consulted other dealers in the

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