Whats Wrong With Cinderella Essay

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"What's Wrong With Cinderella?" In the article “What’s Wrong With Cinderella” written by Peggy Orenstein a feminist mother and writer for the New York Times amongst other newspapers. Several issues and concerns are raised regarding the physical and mental impact that the younger generation might have from the excessiveness of the princess theme toys, clothing and animation. The writer belief that young girls are being influence to think that beauty is determined by their physical appearance. Many parents feel that Disney’s Princesses such as Cinderella and Tinker Bell have become a bad influence upon their little girls. But on the other hand, I believe that this article shows that all of the young generation goes through a phrase of …show more content…
It is said that girls should pass through this stage of wanting the perfect outlook that is displayed by Disney’s media Princesses. Whereas Peggy Orenstein believes that girls should be more like boys more focus on real career choices, and grow up to be successful businesswomen rather than desiring to be life fairytale princesses. She believes little girls have been brain washed into wanting to be perfect little girls and not participate in average children activities, such as sports because they feel it's unfeminine. It seem that Orenstein feels her daughter does not consider herself a girl if she don't follow the princess role. She also insinuates that the magic wand is another problem because all little girls want it and expect to have it. They take on an attitude of what I want I’ve got to have it, as if waving the magic wand gives it to them. These girls are often spoiled and materialistic. This is their ideal of being a princess. There are several factors that contribute to the personalities and outlook of a young girl/lady including peer pressure, social media, culture, and their environment. These younger generations of girls/ladies have learned that not only can they be a princess and look beautiful both inside and out, but they are strong young ladies that have the world at their finger tip. This generation can become whatever their hearts desire as they increase their learning and social involvement.

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