Essay on What 's Zweli Doing With Tombstones?

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- What 's Zweli doing with tombstones?
- I think he did something that put his life in danger.

I ask that you carry on protecting me, and blessing me and Smangele.

- Do you care what will happen to me if you die?
- Die from what?

I 'm not stupid, Zweli!

I 'm not going back to the church.
I like deejaying and I 'm good at it.

We must get rid of Jabulile for good.

Don 't talk about my sister like that again!

Remember the t-shirt you showed me at the police station? It 's his!

Where 's the photo?
Let me see it.

I have the photo.

Is this the photo?


It was in here!

There was a photo of Lindiwe, Sipho and Mxolisi!

Bab 'Dinangwe, I told you that...

my sister 's mind...

is disturbed.

That photo 's here somewhere, Dhlomo!

I 'll find it. It 's here somewhere.

You know, I 'm really worried about him, friends.

Friend, stop stressing so much about him.
He 's still finding himself.

- You talk as if he 's fresh from high school.
- Guys, he 's not a child.

He 's confused. Everyone 's telling him what to do, and he wants to do his own thing.

- I 'd also be confused.
- He 's a pastor. That 's his calling.

Well, he clearly still wants to be a DJ.

I prefer a sexy DJ to a pastor...

who always wants to put his hands on me.

- GC?
- It 's true!

I 'm not blind. Stop acting all holy.

You 're not hearing me.
We 're worried about him.

I 'm not worried.
I believe in DJ Pastor.

Friend, Mamfundisi came to my house...

to ask me to talk him.
We 're…

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