What 's Wrong With Giving Children Participation Trophies? Essay

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What’s wrong with giving children participation trophies? Authors Merryman, Priceman and Abate described their bold opinions concerning the topic of participation awards, allowing me to decide my view of these awards: allowing kids to be encouraged by participation awards is useful in young kids taking part in different activities.
Parker Abate claims within his article “In Youth Sports, Participation Trophies Send a Powerful Message” that participation trophies help kids remember that teamwork with peers allows one to succeed in life and that succeeding doesn’t always mean coming in first. Abate states young athletes deserve at least some small form accomplishment because a child’s self-esteem drops when kids’ peers receive a trophy and they don’t; the participation trophy lets them know they were an important part of their team even if they did not win. Abate concludes that children may not continue in the competitive sport world, but there is nothing wrong with rewarding them for the hard work they put in from the beginning.
To support his claim, Abate raises the question, “Does success always mean coming in first?” causing the reader to evaluate their understanding of success. He then shares his perspective on success effectively supporting participation awards and the benefits of allowing kids to receive them. A sense of nostalgia towards participation trophies underlines Abate’s article when he identifies that some kids after turning 14 don’t play competitive sports…

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