What 's Up With Boys, By Michael Kimmel And Christina Hoff Sommers

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Men have to be strong. Boys don’t cry. These are to common traits associated with males. Masculinity is traits, behavior, and roles associated with males and is socially constructed and learned. Masculinity are culturally defined.
According to “What’s Up with Boys” by Michael Kimmel and Christina Hoff Sommers, negative messages about masculinity is to never cry, don’t show your feelings and you always have to win. Values associated with manhood are integrity, honor, doing the right thing, and speaking truth to power. Boys often face gender policing. Both authors had to different approaches to study masculinity.
Kimmel approach is to teach boys to be individual not to be masculinity. Kimmel had a more feminist perspective. He think boys should be raise to be themselves. Men are being policed by other men when they act differently. Boys doing bad in school makes them seem cool and many guys believe that academic disengagement is a sign of their masculinity. He feels that is the main reason why girls are doing better than boy’s academically. We need to separate the idea of what masculinity is from academic disengagement.
Soomers approach is being masculinity is not a bad thing. Sommers mention single-sex class in schools will benefit boys and boys should be rise to be boys. Masculinity is not a negative thing because of positive traits associated with it.
In the story, “How Some Men Harass Women Online and What Other Men Can Do to Stop” by Ben Atherton-Zeman, he explains…

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