What 's The Worst Thing You 've Been There? Essay

1978 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
Unless you’ve been there. You wouldn’t know what it’s like to see a young man hanging from your local playground, and remember the ringtone coming from the phone in his pocket… which happens to be his worried girlfriend because they’ve just had a fight. – Then to have no explanation to your daughter as to why you won’t let her play at that playground anymore because you know you will just continue to see the image of his face as his body hangs lifelessly. - Di McMath; A Paramedics farewell to the job

“Unless you’ve been there, you just wouldn’t understand.” These are the words a family friend, Mason has silently said to himself when someone asks him a question about his job. It is what he repeats to himself when someone asks, “What’s the worst thing you’ve seen?” Sure, maybe the wording hasn’t been exact—but the message is the same. “Unless you’ve been there.” The recent suicide of Mason’s colleague, Debbie Crawford, a fourteen year veteran of the Denver Paramedic’s rankings, has brought this very sentiment to light. In fact, in the article she shared before she took her own life, this was her mantra. This was the reasoning for her actions. All of this has made me question why we don’t have more support in place. What are we actually doing to help the people who are helping everyone else daily? Why is the suicide rate, the addiction rate, the violence rate, so high in first responders? What can we do to change it? How can we more effectively offer help for first…

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