What 's The Worst That Could Happen? Essay

1664 Words Feb 16th, 2016 null Page
We start are walk in silence but a question I have hangs in the air. I Decide to ask it, wondering what’s the worst that could happen. Nervous for his response I open in close my mouth a couple times, but eventually get the question out. “Why were you crying?” I ask. “Personal stuff,” he stiffens. I wonder if I went somewhere I should not have. “Secrets?” I ask. Wondering if I’m making the situation worse. “Yes,” he says.” “Well you won’t have to worry about it soon. The ceremony is in two days.” “I know,” he says, “but the thought of being a coward and not being brave enough to tell someone my secrets hurts. Everyone will know at the ceremony that I couldn’t tell my secrets. I’ll be known as a coward, and I don’t think I could live with myself. I want to be brave.” “Well you still have time to find the right person.” “Lets just drop it.” “Is it big.” I ask worried for my own sake that I keep on asking all these question, but for some reason I can’t stop. I thought he was bold, but it doesn’t mean I like him any less. “What?” “Is your secret big,” I say. I’m definitely making it worse. “It tears my life apart.” I feel a sympathy for him. Having to keep a secret that tears your life apart. Maybe the government is right. Maybe secrets are bad for us. “Well,” I finally say, “If you can’t find the courage to say it to someone the ceremony is in two days. The humiliation wont’ be that bad.” “You don’t have my parents.” “Why? Is that a bad thing? They shouldn’t…

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