What 's The Purpose Of Marriage? Essays

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What’s the purpose of marriage? Do you have to love someone to get married? Is it love or lust that decides if someone should get married? “Love and sexual desire are intrinsic to the human condition, basic drives that reside in mature adults regardless of time or place but if the urge to love and make love is constant, the freedom with which individuals may do so is anything but. After all, although making love is an enjoyable and cheap entertainment, the raising of children is hard work and expensive, making penetrative sex a risky undertaking in the absence of effective contraceptive methods” (Griffin). The ideas surrounding love and marriage have differ in many ways since the 19th century, but they also have stayed the same in few ways.

The Industrial Revolution catalyzed a transformation in which men and women came together. In 1963, people started participating in sexual intercourse (Griffin). Societies began to “construct a web of customs and taboos designed to control sexual activity and ensure some kind of balance between the birth rate and the number of mouths the society is able to feed” (Griffin). For example, they started placing dowries on girls. This meant that girls whose parents never settled a dowry upon them couldn’t marry, have sexual intercourse, or enter the life of parenthood altogether, it stopped people the number of people born into poverty (Griffin). Societies also practiced “infanticide, child abandonment, and wet-nursing” (Griffin). These…

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