Essay about What 's The Difference Between Here America And Vietnam?

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“What’s the difference between here—America—and Vietnam?” I received this question every time someone found out that I was born and raised in Vietnam. Before I came to America, I lived in a Communist country that controlled almost every aspect of your life. I had to go to a state approved school—which my family had to pay for—that propagated a lot of media that shows America as an evil country. I grew up in an environment where your future occupation is usually the occupation of your father or family. For almost 30 years, the borders of Vietnam were closed to all western countries and any news from the outside world was heavily censored. Once I came over to America, I was placed in an environment that vastly different then what I was raised in. In Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’, he stated that one’s perspective of reality could be a false reality and that we must “compel the best minds to attain that knowledge which we have already shown to be the greatest of all…until they arrive at the good” (page 205). As I continue to live in America, my perspective of the American culture and the personal interpretation of the “American dream” has changed drastically.
Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”—on of his most famous philosophical works—was written in a first person perspective of Socrates talking to Glaucon (who was Plato’s own brother). The dialogue started with Socrates asking Glaucon to imagine a cave in which prisoners were chained to look right in front of them all their lives.…

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