What 's Taking You So Long? Essay

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“Come on, Castle,” Beckett whined as she leaned against the doorframe of her partner’s bedroom. “What’s taking you so long?”
“Well, if you hadn’t messed up my hair trying to inhale me,” he started, smiling as she scoffed,—he couldn’t see her, but he knew she had rolled her eyes at his words— “We could’ve already left.”
Sighing, she walked over to the bathroom doorway. “Maybe if you weren’t so worried about your hair, we could be gone by now.”
“I have an image to keep,” he defended, stopping his actions to turn towards her. “Unless you want people asking why I look like I’ve just been ravished in the backseat of a cab.”
Again, she rolled her eyes. “You don’t look like you’ve been ravished, and it wasn’t in the backseat of a cab, it was in your bedroom.”
“Does it matter?”
“Seriously, Castle, can’t you move any faster?”
“Kate, perfection doesn’t just happen.”
With a huff, she grabbed his shoulder, urging him to turn to face her. “Here, let me.” In a few quick moves, she fixed his hair the way he normally had it. “There. Can we leave now?”
Castle turned toward the mirror, turned his head to check both sides, then looked back at her in amazement. “How did you do that?”
“Babe, I’ve been fixing hair since I was thirteen,” she offered. “Now can we—”
“Yes, yes, we can go. What time did you tell Lanie we’d be there?”
She took a moment to think before answering, “Eight.”
Nodding, he gestured for her to leave the bathroom. “We’re going to have to hurry if we want to get there on time.”…

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