What 's Killing The Poor White Women? Essays

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Do you know of anyone who has dropped out of high school and has suffered from not receiving a full education? Well according to Monica Potts’s essay, “What’s Killing the Poor White Women?”, it is the lack of education that decreases women’s life expectancy. She tells of a women’s story, Crystal Wilson, who passed away, at a younger age, when there seemed to be nothing wrong with her. When the doctors and police officers looked into her background, they came to find out that not receiving her high school diploma was one cause of her passing. Monica Potts is persuading those women who have dropped out to start back up and finish their schooling. Also for women who are beginning to consider not finishing high school to continue until they graduate. She believes that education is the key to a meaningful and long life. Now Monica Potts does have a well put together argument, but fails at persuading her audience based on how the essay is constructed. Throughout the essay Potts uses many rhetorical strategies including, assertion, authority, logos, ethos and organization towards her argument, however these particular strategies are ineffective in her persuasion effort. One ineffective rhetorical strategy Potts used, multiple times, was assertion. She makes many remarks towards information regarding the reason women are dying at a younger age, but doesn’t give a source as to where the information came from. One example of assertion was “Black women without a high-school diploma…

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