Essay on What 's Gone On Is Still Going On

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“What 's gone on is still going on” (Professor Ambruster, lecture Oct. 6, 2014). History repeats itself over the years in different circ The Mexican lower-class society has gained rights throughout the years. The Mexican Constitution of 1824 was an almost perfect document where the people were given rights and they gained free elections. Even though this document was established, the promises were not actually put to practice. The population found itself in the same problems that had existed before the establishment of such a document. The revolution of 1910 is an important era in the journey to civil rights. “There was not one, single revolution. The country was divided and each fraction sought a different goal” (Soto-Laveaga, lecture Oct 1, 2014). A demonstration of how the repression against the people had not ended and had grown tired of being oppressed and abused. Unfortunately, things have not changed for the Mexican people after gaining independence from Spain in 1821. The people have fought the government for years, even decades, for rights that have yet to be established. During the reconstruction of the Mexican government, the country went through seventy presidents in a time frame of fifty years. In that fifty year period the government intended to establish liberalism. Their attempts ,however, were futile because it failed to promote meaningful change. For example, the transition period between Presidents would often bring concequnces rather then the change…

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