What 's Eating Gilbert Grape Directed By Lasse Hallstom Essay

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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape directed by Lasse Hallstom is a movie that illustrates elements of social learning and responsibilities at a young age. The movie is about a young boy name Gilbert Grape who apparently is stuck playing adult role after his father died. His father committed suicide when Gilbert was only seven years old. Gilbert have to take care of his morbidly obese mother, mentally ill brother who is going on 18 years and two sisters. To add to his dilemma, he works at a locally grocery store that is slowly declining because of the customers are shopping at the new supermarket grocery store, that has more choses to offer. Gilbert, who is very stress out for the role that he has to play in his family as the care taker and giver to provide for his family. He struggles with having so much responsibility at a young age. Consequently, Gilbert should be spending his time enjoying life instead of having to deal with the burdens of his family’s members. The film addresses many elements of social emotional learning, responsibility and conflict theory; while living in a dysfunctional family. Nevertheless, the town’s people treat the Grape family as an outcast and do not lend support to the family; this relates to the Stanford prison experiment. Now, the family is shaped by the town’s people such as they are considered to be misfit. Consequently, the Grape family act in accordance of the town’s people. Gilbert was consequently pushed into the parental role after…

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