Essay on What 's Best For The U.s.?

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What’s best for The U.S.?

There is much dissention and controversy surrounding the political opponents and the upcoming presidential election that will occur in November 2016. Many candidates, both Democrat and Republican, along with their supporters, are setting precedence with their abusive behavior. In many instance they are disrespectful, dishonest, uncooperative, and un-American in their pursuit of the highest political office in our country. His concern for the future of America appears to be secondary to his desire to push his own agenda. What do you think the fate of America will be if they continue this type of behavior? What kind of government might we have or expect if Donald Trump were to become the 45th president of the United States?

First, Trump’s aggressive nature and boisterous tone will move the country backwards not forward. Some believe that his no-nonsense approach to solving conflicts that this country is facing is the proper way to get things accomplished. Even though the words he sometimes speaks may be offensive to many, his supporters seem to be unconcerned with possible consequences that may occur due to his actions. Criticism of Trump only fuels his personal attacks on others. According to The Street Magazine, “Trump has made plenty of enemies along the way as well, including but not limited to fellow GOP contenders, Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Fox News journalist Megan Kelly, the media in general and, perhaps in…

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