Essay about What 's A Name?

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What’s In A Name? The 2001 film Spirted Away is an animated feature by the well-known Studio Ghibli, about a young girl named Chihiro. Through a series of strange circumstances she can not find her parents and is forced into servitude at a bathhouse for yokai, or monsters and spirits from Japanese folklore. Despite it being geared towards a younger audience as a coming of age story, this movie holds a surprising amount of symbolism and thought-provoking questions. The power of words, so to speak, is ever present. Haku, a boy who helps Chihiro throughout her journey and fellow servant at the bathhouse, warns her to watch what she divulges around the spirits, especially their employer. As a captured servant, her true name will be taken away and replaced, stripping Chihiro, now Sen, of her power. Even Haku, who comes across as knowledgeable and even wise beyond his years, was tricked out of his name and memories by a person with a silver tongue. It is accepted that in the spirit world, power is held by those who can steal or alter names; only people with the inner strength to remember their true selves deserve to be free. When Chihiro becomes Sen, she grows exponentially as a person. In the beginning of the movie she whines and complains, acting occasionally arrogant and clinging to her mother, but by the end she is confident, kind, and has seen the value of hard work. Sen is almost a different person from Chihiro, embodying the better parts of herself and becoming what…

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