Essay on What a Marketer Does

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A marketer is largely responsible for the image they create for an organization, and their actions act as a point of entry for consumers. Marketers are responsible for finding and considering opportunities and potential markets for an organization. Doing so would not only allow marketers to identify their audience and target, but also identify their expectations, wants, and needs. (Gok and Hacioglu 2010)

Researching prices competitors charge for like-products will allow marketers to compare and strategize. They need to ensure that pricing is fair in comparison to what the consumer is receiving, as well as appealing.

To improve the organization, it is extremely important and essential that marketers seek feedback -both positive and
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Marketers are faced with challenges in both local and international markets. Declining markets are a major problem faced by marketers in local and international markets. Due to the advancement of technology, personal preferences, lifestyle habits and the overall change in society, markets are finding it difficult to keep up. In this situation, new applicants to the market are developing products to substitute previous products. (Patino, Pitta and Quinones 2012)

A crucial factor in keeping an organization in the market is that they must continually maintain their competitive advantage in order to stay a competitor. As this is an ongoing strategy, marketers are faced with challenges such as competitors that carry innovative products and new comers into the market. This pushes marketers to develop new strategies in order to regain competitive advantage and keep up with their competitors.

When marketers consider expanding intro an international market, they may face economical issues, and therefore need to consider the economic status of a particular country. Marketers need to investigate the country’s growth potential, economy stability, trends and employment rates. They also need to take into consideration the cultural differences, such as culture, language and religions. Extensive research is important when dealing with international markets, as there may

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