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What Your Promotion & Your Boss’ Wife Have in Common

You were passed over for a promotion in favor of a man, and it turns out it’s because your boss’ wife is unemployed. This may seem like a stretch, but a 2014 study from Cornell University has found that a man’s marital status at home completely changes how he views women in the workplace. Which means your boss hasn’t been promoting any other women at work either. As it turns out: it’s not you, it’s your misogynistic boss’ wife. So what exactly can we do to stop the rampant negative views of women in the workplace? A starting point is to understand how and why these views persist in our society.

Tradition Screws Everything Up

A question to start with might be: why is your boss a misogynist in the first place? Why women are treated poorly stems from tradition, which is the transmission of customs or beliefs from one generation to the next. Tradition is accomplished through the infinite forms of socialization: media, schooling, and especially observing parents. Unfortunately, this nasty habit of following tradition has enforced consistently harsh views of women. You may have heard the saying “tradition is the illusion of permanence.” Your boss may be a complete misogynist because his dad was and his grandfather was, and it’s simply “always been that way.” He probably can’t pinpoint where exactly he learned his atrocious behavior toward you and other women. Consequently, he thinks his actions are natural, but they’re…

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