What You Should Know About Medical Essay

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Capriotti, Teri, and Brian Hartmann. "What You Should Know About Medical
Marijuana." Clinical Advisor 16.12 (2013): 92-96.CINAHL Complete. Web. 10 Mar.

This article helps to build a general acknowledgement of the issue in which many states are being pressed with. In this reading it helps to address both sides of the legalization of marijuana argument and to better understand what the cause and effect may be. The author Teri Capriotti is well educated on the subject due to intensive understanding and in depth research facing both sides of the argument. I plan on using this information in the logos I will use in my essay and this article helps to acknowledge the counter argument to legalization of marijuana many have.

Dreier, Frederick. "Does pot make you a better athlete? (This Colorado dude certainly thinks so.): in America 's mecca for both endurance training and legalized marijuana, one competitive triathlete is challenging the definition of 'recreational ' drugs." Men 's Fitness 2014: 106. Academic OneFile. Web. 10 Mar. 2015.

This article is interesting in the way that it helps to explain uses of marijuana in which many would not associate with the effects of legalizing marijuana. This article helps to depict a firsthand experience in which it has positively influenced a user of marijuana. The author Frederick Dreier builds a credible article in his firsthand experience in which he explains from a unbiased view. I plan on using this in the pathos portion in…

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