What You Pawn, I Will Redeem By Sherman Alexie Essay

1011 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
The story I picked is “what you pawn, I will redeem” by Sherman Alexie. I feel like this story related to me and past circumstances that have happened in my life. The story helps me to remember the general choices that I had to make in life. The hard choices that confronted me when growing up. The story brings two distinct ways, the adult way that surfaces with obligation and development and the youthful side that showcases the different adventures the main character has.
One would consider poverty as a disease that should be annihilated by all means possible; however the opposite is true for Jackson. Rather than putting a ton of effort to save every coin he gets with the goal that he can figure out how to purchase back his grandmas dancing regalia, Jackson spends everything on liquor and companions. The little money he gets from individuals he spends and he returns back to the original circumstance. Saving to get the $999 required is a hard task, however one that can be accomplished with appropriate planning and discipline. His actions is a physical manifestation of the common Indian poor kid growing up in a foreign place. Rather than concentrating on the best way to make more, his focus to sharing with his friends. By analyzing Jackson 's conduct, his battles to get the cash required and his determination to continue proceeding onward in spite of when things are not hopeful, one can see that Jackson is a dedicated man who may never move himself from the hands of poverty.…

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