What You Pawn I Redeem Essays

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What you pawn I will redeem. Sherman Alexie, tells a story that consumes his attention and energy. In his start and deep narration of “What you pawn I redeem”, Alexie explicitly shows American Indians as living by their own values and their own typical standards in which they are discriminated and sidelined against. He explains how relationships haven’t worked for the character and how he withdrew his mentality and disappeared from them. The relationships fostered in the story have many similarities throughout the narration. Addiction to alcoholic liquor is a character that is common among Inuit and American Indians. Outsiders could call it a stereotype but Alexie calls it a “cold dark truth”. Many
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The character is good natured and has the ability to make friends quickly. He is quick in helping those he considers friends and family. A fisherman for instance befriends him and he shares all his money with him for breakfast (Sherman 1). The characters’ first friends, Sharon and junior, are introduced at the start of the story and they share something in common, they roam the streets panhandling together. The store keeper Kay and Williams genuinely like him, and they know him as he takes time talking to them in sincere interaction. His heart grew in the process of sharing his life with others. In understanding this story further, relationships are a major point of focus. The main character thinks people dislike him and they wouldn’t want any associations with him and he, thus, chooses to keep secrets to himself. However, we see instances in which he was able to let his heart out and share life and love with others. He spent whatever little he had with the friends he had already and gave new friends what he had for instance, at the bar and later for breakfast (Sherman 1). The story in the narration and as compared to the life of the author explicitly show Alexie’s value for relationships. Alexie spent a lot of his life growing up and schooling in reservation but he still doesn’t consider it home. He is still homeless. Relationships have let him broaden his spectrum, but, they often followed him back and given him mental anguish.

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