What You Learned About Yourself And Ei Essay

722 Words Apr 15th, 2016 3 Pages
1. Comment on how and what you learned about yourself and EI.
Through studying of this week’s reading material; I explored the EI definitions and basics from different theories, and understood that EI means using emotions intelligently. EI includes four main domains and five key competencies. Self-awareness and accurate self-assessment are the foundations of enhancing EI abilities. Everyone can learn and improve their EI through his/her effort, high EI competencies play important roles in building better relationships and improve the work performance for top managers.
I learned that my EI preference is I-N-T-J, based on the self-assessment of MBTI tool. By studying about these four-letter preferences, I gained more self-awareness on where my energy source comes from, how I take in information, the method I use in making my decisions, and how I deal with the outer world. After reading of why EI matters, I realized that the EI are “hard wired” feelings within each one of us; these feelings are the base for EI and SI, thus it is important to gain accurate self-awareness through many useful self-assessing measuring tools, including the MBTI.
According to the different EI theories and their models, they have different applicable measurements. The Mayer and Salovey’s general clinical and educational assessments is an example, in addition to David Goleman’s work performance measurements. These EI researchers describe the similarities and differences between the IQ, EI, SI, and…

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