Essay on What You Eat Is Your Business

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In the articles, “What You Eat Is Your Business" and “Don’t Blame the Eater” authors Radley Balko and David Zinczenko present strong but differing view points regarding the growing concern related to obesity. While also bringing forth opinions on whether American policymakers are over involved or under involved. Each does this by bringing forth opinions supported by facts, personal experience and the idea that there is a lack of awareness of what is considered to be unhealthy. Despite their varying opinions it can be agreed that there is still not enough being done, by the American people or by American policymakers, to try and reduce the increasingly high numbers of people impacted by obesity and improper nutrition. For most, this topic is seen as worthy of debate because there is contrasting attitudes on whether it should be a public or private issue, left to the discretion of individuals. Balko presents the idea that a large percent of society has lost sense of the importance of healthy eating because of publicity given to the concept of unhealthy eating. A concept that promotes the idea that it is not the fault of the consumer, but of food companies. He provides a specific example of this by mentioning, “How to Get Fat Without Really Trying,” a show hosted by Peter Jennings. The whole purpose of this show in the eyes of Balko, is to demonstrate to the general public that it is not their fault that they have seen significant weight gain. Shows like this serve to be a…

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