What You Eat Is Your Business By Jonathan Safran Foer Essay

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Jonathan Safran Foer in “Against Meat”, Radley Balko in “What You Eat Is Your Business” and Mary Maxfield in “Food as Thought” all choose to write about Food and the social and moral impact it has.
Balko and Maxfield both seem to dislike the fact that food has become a social issue. While Balko focuses more on criticizing the interference of government with their actions and strategies, Maxfield choose to comment on the writers contributing to nutrition and food science. Balko uses heavy sarcasm about how the government is initiating several anti-obesity measures and trying to control our eating habits and behavior. He present forward examples of politicians and senators who are taking measures like investing millions of dollars on anti-obesity measures and adding extra tax on high calorie food. He also shares the information about how state board and legislature too are banning snacks and soda to promote the cause. Balko then very boldly indeed, shares his stance about how he thinks that this is not exactly the right way to stand against obesity. He presents his argument that the government is tacking the situation in a wrong manner, and instead of manipulating the food options present before us they should rather work on invoking our sense of responsibility about our health. He feels very strongly about the fact that America has been considering their health care system as a social-issue instead of a personal one. He put forward an example of Sen. Hillary Clinton writing…

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