What You Can Make Our Own Fun Out Of Stressful Moments Around And Make Them Enjoyable?

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Veitch suggests that we can turn stressful moments around and make them enjoyable. Veitch’s main idea is that we can make our own fun out of frustrating situations by creating a game out of it. In my opinion, I agree with Veitch’s argument because, this is helpful for people to turn frustrating moments into an enjoyable one instead. In my experience, when I was waiting in a doctor’s office, I would be waiting so long, having nothing to do and that would turn into boredom which would make me frustrated and then I would end up angry about the whole situation. If I made a game to make it more interesting, I wouldn’t have been mad about waiting, so long. The points are that boredom can lead into frustration, there is a choice to make a situation better or worse, and that our creativity allows us to find fun in different ways. I will now explain the problem of how boredom can become frustrating. There have been times where we got furious at different moments because boredom kicks in. Veitch said “we were driving together, she would pull the car over, and by the time she had gotten out of the car, and gone around the car to let me out, I would have already gotten out of the car and pretended to have died. And I remember, that was a game I used to entertain myself whenever I was bored or frustrated.” Veitch’s quote tells us that when he was frustrated or bored, that he would do this to make the situation enjoyable. This supports my opinion because, normally if we wait for…

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