What You Can Help For Tire Wear Essay

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What You Can Do To Help Minimize Tire Wear

Needing to replace tires more frequently due to tire wear is a waste of time and money, as well as a very big safety concern. Each vehicle we drive needs to have adequate tires that are in good condition, or it is not safe. There are five key elements to preventing or at least minimizing tire wear. By following these tips you can increase the lifespan of your tires and the safety of your passengers.

Keep your vehicle in alignment: Most drivers have heard the term alignment at some time in their life, yet may not understand what it really means. In the simplest terms, alignment is the positioning of your wheels in context with your vehicles frame. When your tires and wheels are aligned perfectly, they sit perpendicular to the road. However, over time tires become misaligned. When the front tires start to angle towards each other, it is a sign of Toe Wheel Misalignment, and the driver will often feel the steering pulling to one side or the other. When your tires and wheels start to angle closer to or away from each other on a vertical axis, this is a sign of Camber Wheel Misalignment. Either of these alignment issues will cause your tires to rub on the road surfaces in a manner that they shouldn 't. As the tires rub on the sides, they wear down far more quickly than if the vehicle was properly aligned.

Correct saggy springs and improper suspension: Your suspension is comprised of all of the parts and joints which allow you to have…

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