What Would You Do If Your Life Was Stress Free? Essay

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What would you do if your life was stress free? You could live a life with very little stress or worry. Levitin’s main idea was thinking ahead about stressful situations will help you to lower the amount of stress that you will have during a crisis. I agree with Levitin because I have had less stress in my life when I think about the possible outcomes of how I will do on a test before I take the test. The evidence is cortisol is a poison that raises your heart level and how you can use premortem to reduce it, how you can train your hippocampus to remember certain items or places, and how medical conditions should be focused on pre-planning for that event. To further my agreement with Levitin, I will continue into cortisol and how to lower it. Premortem is the ability to think ahead of possible outcomes of a future event which was developed by a psychologist, Gary Klein. Levitin said, “Now, I’m a neuroscientist and I know a little bit how the brain performs under stress. It releases cortisol that raises your heart rate, it modulates adrenaline levels and it clouds your thinking.” Levitin means is the reason why you get worked up under stressful situations is because your brain release a poison that impairs how you think. This is evidence because when I was younger I would get worked up every easily and over very small things and then I learned that if you can keep yourself calm and think about ways to solve the problem you will be able to solve the problem. The…

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