What Would You Do If You Believed You Were Sick? Essay

739 Words Oct 14th, 2016 3 Pages
What would you do if you believed you were sick? Of course, the obvious answer would be to seek medical advice, but what if it became even simpler? In today’s day and age seeking medical advice has become more convenient through the use of an online diagnosis which claims to be able to diagnose various diseases and even offer medical treatment. Although many claims to be alleviated by using an online diagnosis, the effects of using this type of medical advice can lead to unnecessary and expensive medical care as well as the possibility of hindering your health even further. Since the development of medicine, which dates back farther than one can remember, people have consulted with doctors or any medical professional for advice concerning ailments. Such a practice has been adopted by our society and has become almost second nature to those who are ill. However, due to the advancement in technology, the introduction of self-diagnosing one’s self-has become a popular trend in today’s society which unfortunately contradicts the traditional roles of doctors. Self-diagnosis is “essentially assuming that you know the subtleties that diagnosis constitutes” (Psychologytoday.com), the most common form of this is electronically which, although very accessible, can be more harmful that helpful due to the inaccurate information that may be displayed resulting in unpredictable outcomes. Going to the doctor is something that many people try to avoid because of how costly it can…

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