What Would I Know For You? Essay

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One thing I know for sure is that if you give up, you can 't succeed. It 's just a basic law of the universe. Success only comes to people who work for what they want. Unfortunately, giving up can be easy to do. It always seems like the easier option when faced with hard work, struggle, or a little bit of pain. But, in the long run, it is the more difficult option. Why? Because after you give up, you look back on life and think, "What could I have done? Who could I have been? Where would I be now if I hadn 't given up?" Following are 19 never give up quotes to help you not have to ask those questions.

1. One Day It 's All Going To Pay Off

"Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine." - Jack Ma

What feels like a struggle today will feel like a reward soon enough. That 's how everything goes. When you first start a new habit, it is hard, and then it becomes downright painful to stick to, but soon it becomes easier and your life changes for the better.

One thing people forget is that what you are doing today will affect your future. So, everything that is happening today is a result of your past, and everything that happens tomorrow is a result of your today. So, even though today is hard, if you are doing the right things, the day after tomorrow will be full of sunshine.

2. Fight For What You Believe In

"Never give up on something you believe in." - Steve Scalise

If you feel something is right, don 't give up…

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