What Will You Do With My Future? Essays

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What Is Next?
When I was a young kid, about eleven years old, sitting on my front porch gazing on the first day of the spring season, I had imagined what do I want to be. Nine years later, while I am no longer a child, it follows to the point to begin taking my career thoughtfully and offering the proper choices. I have set myself to who I want to be. Currently, as a college student, I have often accepted questions from people around discussing what do I want people to learn and take it upon themselves. I have to admit when problems in such a way arise, it takes a lot of time and confidence to think about it. However, now I come to a crossroad in my lifetime where I determine what to do with my future, decide what will make me comfortable. Therefore, the best and most ultimate goals I have discovered is by failure, always looking ahead and forgetting about the past, and never mentioning the word "can 't."
Without a doubt, failure is imminent. At times people fail to pass tests or simply anything that occurs to them. Sometimes people refused to admit it. You will need to shake yourself and bounce right back on. You have to continue believing in yourself. You might think that just because people fail to achieve to do things, does not mean you should stop and give up. When you fail to score the game-winning shot, you undoubtedly learn more to improve. I was roughly thirteen years old, basketball championship is in the air, and it all came down to my team with the possession…

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