Essay on What Will Really Happen On August 21st? 2017?

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What Will Really Happen on August 21st, 2017? There’s a theory that there will be a total solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017. Now, did the theorists think of this through relations of ideas or matter of fact. Relations of ideas as pertaining to the sciences, geometry, or algebra, while matter of fact includes the not ascertained, nor our evidence of their truth. Or did they come about this idea through demonstrative reasoning, that concerning relations of ideas or moral reasoning, that concerning matter of fact and existent. Hume believes that all ideas are drawn out from our past impressions. My thesis is that I believe it is possible of predicting an eclipse because of past eclipses. I, for sure can’t predict it because I don’t know the schedule of the moon and sun’s rotation. But I do find it interesting that people come up with these theories and throw out a specific date. I believe there is no way to predict the future unless we base it off of our experiences. Our knowledge about future events is acquired from experience. If, for as long as I have lived, the sun has risen every day then I can expect for it to rise tomorrow. This being said, since we have seen that total solar eclipse before, we can only expect another one to happen again. We just do not know when that might happen again. Hume says, “But the same truth may not appear, at first sight, to have the same evidence with regard to events, which have become familiar to us from our first appearance in the…

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