What Will I Know About It 's My Best Asset? Essay

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“Come on, Alec! Let me dress you!” Izzy begged, walking into Alec 's room as he pulled another a baggy sweater over his head.
He shook his head, “No, Izzy. I 'm already going on this blind date because of you, I 'm not letting you dress me too. If I 'm going on a date, the guy is going to see me the way I am, not some skinny jean and too tight top wearing weirdo, okay?”
Izzy shrugged her shoulders, “If he runs away, that 's your fault.”
“Oh no, what will I do? How will I continue on living if some stranger decides he doesn 't like me on a date I didn 't even want to go on? How will I, tell me Izzy, I need to know.”
“Your sarcasm is lethal.”
“I like to think it 's my best asset.”
“You would.”
“Trust me, when you have to listen to assholes all day, sarcasm is the only thing that keeps you going.”
“No one told you to be a bus driver, Alec.”
“Well, I like it.”
“Sure you do,” Izzy looked down at her watch, “Shit, Alec! You 're going to be late, let 's go!”
“Somehow I can 't find it in myself to care.”

Despite Izzy 's insistence that he would be late, it turns out that Alec was early.
Fifteen minutes early.
He 'd eventually resorted to texting the groupchat consisting of him, Jace, Simon, Izzy and Clary.

alec: guys what do i do?? alec: he 's not here & i look like a massive loser alec: help me out u assholes clary: just wait, I guess clary: maybe he 's just one of those people with shitty timing izzy: or maybe he saw you in that ugly sweater & ran for the hills lmao alec: get…

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