What Will Happen The Day The World Ends? Essay

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Face it, the night before the world was to end, we all sat up and wondered what was to happen to the human race or to the planet that we depended on. Everyone had a gut wrenching feeling that the next morning upon awakening something would be different; yet, we awoke only to find everything the way we had left it. For years I have wondered what will happen the day the world ceases to exist. So, I have set out to gather information on exactly that topic: What will happen the day the world ends? I have thought about the possible explanations to this obscure question. One way to decipher this typical question is through the lens of religion, in particular Christianity. Another way to go about answering this question is through scientific theories. Last, but certainly not least, is through comparing and contrasting predictions and whether or not they have came true or will come true. I hope that as I set out to explain the logic behind these three reasoning’s you will learn how science and religion can sometimes work together to answer difficult questions. My hope is for you to find your own basic answer as to what you think will happen the day the earth goes dark and disintegrates into oblivion. First, one of the most accepted views of its time was through Christianity or religion.

Next, is the explanation of that gloomy dreaded day is through science.

Last, this explanation is one of my favorite ones and that is through prediction. According to the Mayan calendar…

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