Essay on What Will 2017 Be Like For You?

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What will 2017 be like for you?

Imagine for a minute, that it 's one year from today. Where will you be? Who will you be working for? What great things have happened to you and your family?

These kinds of questions were presented to me when I first started my journey of working with a professional coach and is a big reason of why I 'm writing to you today. In 2015, my girlfriend Bobbie suggested that I work with a coach that had been working with her employer. She had seen some good results from working with the coach, and thought that it would be a good fit for me. After all, I 've always been someone who likes to work on myself and was very interested in the coaching field.

So I set up my first appointment with my coach and she took me through a process of identifying areas in my life that I was truly passionate about working on over the next year. Some of the goals included physical goals like completing the Lincoln Half Marathon and running a Spartan Obstacle course race. It also included some family goals like asking Bobbie to marry me and spending more time with my loved ones. And finally, it involved becoming a coach. Like I said before, coaching had always been an area of interest for me and something that I 've always wanted to do. The experience of going through this initial goal setting workshop was invigorating! It provided me with some clear direction and helped me understand what I really needed to focus on over the next year. And following…

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