Essay on What Were Three Pieces Of Information You Learned?

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What were three pieces of information you learned?
I learned a lot about climate change and global warming by reading these articles. I learned that scientists are more certain about climate change than they are that vitamins make you healthy. I always heard things from both angles on global warming, but never realized that scientists were so certain about it. Another thing that I learned was that scientists believe that humans are the number one reason for climate change. I didn’t know that 95% of climate change is blamed on humans, while the rest is related to the role of nature and other factors. In addition, I learned that due to climate change, a lot of problems are resulting such as glaciers melting, rising global temperatures, and heat waves are becoming more common. It is scary to think about the future and how this will continue to affect our lives.
Which two statements did you agree with the most and why?
One statement that I agree with is from the video, it stated that global warming threatens every part of the U.S.. I agree and think that we will continue to see affects from global warming more and more for years to come. I think that the changes in climate will lead to more natural disasters throughout all of the U.S. and continue to slowly melt away the glaciers. I also agreed with the statement that we shouldn’t focus on peoples opinions about global warming, instead we should focus on how to change it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, however,…

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