What Were The Main Values That You Were Taught? Essay

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What were the main values that you were taught? The main values that I learned and were taught are respect and courtesy, obedience, being polite, responsibility, humility, manners, being friendly and caring, honesty, gratitude, dignity, generosity, forgiveness and compassion, perseverance, and love. Of course, this is only a small list of values because as you grow-up and become an adult you learn more and more values and you hope when you have children you instill good moral values in them and provide an environment so they grow up having a good character and being a good person.

Make a distinction between the explicit and implicit values you were taught/learned. How were you taught these values? Explicit is to fully express something or state it and leaving nothing implied and implicit is indirectly implied or stated and the difference between the two is they are almost opposites. When looking at explicit and implicit values this can reflect upon something that has already been discussed and that is prejudices and bias that we may have which can impact our own value systems and what we are taught and learn growing up. For example, my grandfather was prejudiced against African Americans and he instilled these values in my father from the way he shared and discussed these attitudes throughout my dad’s upbringing and these biases carried over into my father as an adult. However, just because my father was prejudiced and biased against African Americans he learned…

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