What Were The Cause Of The Guatemalan Civil War? Essay

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Plan of investigation/Identification and evaluation of sources

The question that this investigation will focus on is “What were the causes of the Guatemalan Civil War?”, while also analyzing to what extent did each of these issues affect Guatemala and its outcome after the war as a whole. Although guatemala had many detailed points of conflict, This question is significant, in that it is necessary in understanding the fundamental detailed internal conflict that led to the eventual outcome of the Guatemalan civil war. The scope of the investigation focuses on the effect of local government on indigenous leftist rebel groups and the pursued power and beliefs of particular leaders during the guatemalan civil war from 1960-1996. Investigation will not focus on outsider influence or involvement on issues but may highlight brief important kickstarting events in the histories. One method to be used in this investigation is an examination of political aspects compared to social. Thus the books “The Guatemalan Military Project: A Violence Called Democracy” by Jennifer Schirmer and “Paradise in ashes: A Guatemalan Journey Of Courage, Terror, And Hope”by Beatriz Manz, are important to this investigation, due to the circulation of ideals that these sources have with each other and the insight they give into the life of civilians and soldier relations, while providing first-hand accounts of the personal and academic understanding of the individual issues.

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