What Were Some Of The Thoughts And Feelings That You Had When Searching For These Images?

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b. What were some of the thoughts and feelings that you had when searching for these images?

I felt sad and pity for these women. I, personally, watch my diet and work out, but not to the point of such an extreme. These women suffer psychologically and need support from friends and families as well as treatment from health care professional.

c. What do you think is the primary reason that these individuals’ condition progressed to such an extreme level?

Looking at the pictures, I would say the primary reason is a social factor that contributes to anorexia in these females. Media is the main contributor to the eating disorders. Besides social factor, there are psychological and environmental as well as biological factors. For instance, children who were separated with their parents during childhood or experience personal failure are more susceptible to anorexia.

2. Search the Internet (www.Youtube.com has a lot), and find one video that illustrates one person’s experience with Anorexia Nervosa.

a. Briefly describe this person’s story

Rachel Farrokh is 37 years old from Orange County. I learned about her from CNN, couple years ago. At that time she was 5ft 7 in and weighed 40 lbs. None of the clinics in the United States could treat her. Fortunately, one clinic in Portugal could help, although the treatment cost was $200,000. Through public donations, Rachel was able to recover.

b. What are some of the thoughts and feelings that you had while watching this clip?…

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