Essay about What Was The War Of 1812?

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What was the War of 1812 and what caused it to happen? The War of 1812 was a war between the United States of America and England. Many different reasons caused this bloody and violent war to begin. Several significant events transpired during this war. The impact of this war changed the world forever. The War of 1812, which had many varying causes, undoubtedly had an exceedingly unforgettable lasting effect and left an extremely significant impact on the entire world.
There were many different causes of the War of 1812. Britain did not want to let America, which used to be one of its colonies, go. The British would do many little things to oppress the Americans. For example, they would help the Native Americans to fight the Americans. They also would stop American ships from trading with other countries. The British would find all kinds of ways to oppress the Americans until the Americans grew tired of their maltreatment. The American’s reasons for the War of 1812 were many and sensible.
One of the causes of the War of 1812 was that the British would restrict American trade. After ordering the Americans to trade only with them, the British enforced this rule to the extreme. The British also made a law stating that in order to trade with other countries, the Americans needed a license issued from Britain. Disrespectfully, the parliament in Britain made offending laws affecting the Americans. Also, they randomly stopped American ships to make sure that they were not trying to…

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