World War I: Was Germany Justified?

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According to the definition of justified is to show (an act, claim, statement, etc.) to be right. World War 1 was utterly tragic. It all started because of Germany. Germany was a threat to the United States Morally, economically and politically. So we had to enter the war whether we wanted to or not. The US was morally, politically and economically justified to wage war on Germany and their allies.
America was completely justified at entering the war morally due to what Germany was doing too many of its citizens. As according to Viscount James Bryce when he was reporting to the British Parliament, “One of the Germans took a rifle and struck it through the child. He then put his rifle on his shoulder with the child up on it.”
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Secretary of State Robert Lansing in 1916 said it best “British violations affected American property, while German violations affected American lives…The Germans, with their genius for always doing the wrong thing in the wrong way and at the wrong time.” Robert Lansing is saying that we have the right to enter the war because Germany made it a public affair by killing so many Americans. Not only has Germany violated American lives but they tried to get Mexico to join in too. We know this due to the Zimmerman Telegram from January 19, 1917. Within the note it stated that in helping Germany Mexico could get back its lost territories such as Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Germany just wanted to keep us neutral so that they could win the war. The US had to send so many soldiers out to be in this war, and it was strain on the government. A song called “I Didn’t Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier” by lyricist Alfred Bryan and Composer Al Piantados stated it perfectly, “Ten million soldiers to the war have gone, Who may never return again. Ten million mothers’ hearts must break,” it goes on to say “Who dares to put a musket on his shoulder, To shoot some other mother’s darling boy? Let Nations arbitrate their future troubles, it’s time to lay the sword and gun away, There’d be no war today.” Not only were there many soldiers lost during the war but also may Allied and Neutral ships lost during the war. According to the table from The World War 1 Source Book by Philip J. Haythornthwaite. According to this chart we lost about 5,515 ships to things such as submarines, surface craft, mines, and aircraft during World War 1. This could tie into North Korea and what they’re doing now. Currently they’re threating our lives saying that they will send nuclear bombs our

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