Essay About The Chicano Movement

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In the 1960’s there where many movements that started to be heard around the U.S. Most notably the African American civil rights movement. This movement sparked a lot of other groups to fight for their equality and rights now more than ever. One of which was the Latino movement also known as the Chicano movement which had been around since the early 1900’s but it was during the 60’s that they made their biggest impacts. These are the events that helped them progress in their fight for rights and equality.
In 1962 the United Farm Workers Association was created by Cesar Chaves who was a civil rights activist during this time along with Dolores Huerta. It wasn’t until 1965 when the (UFWA) joined Filipinos in the Delano Grape Strike. A strike
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Nichols came about which involved a Chinese American student who wasn’t getting the proper help because he didn’t speak the English language. This played a huge part in the progression Latinos were making because it ended up helping other immigrants as well. This case allowed student of all backgrounds to participate and get involved in school giving them equality despite the language barrier. 1974 was also the year the Equal Educational Opportunity Act was passed by congress which allowed equal participation and prohibits racial segregation of students it help make schools more diverse and made bilingual education more accessible. When 1975 came around people who didn’t speak the English language were demanding change because of the discrimination they faced at the voting polls and they were heard because soon after the U.S. Voting Rights Act was put into place. This act increased Latino representation in politics because it gave non-English speaking people language assistance at the polling stations.
In 1986 congress would come to approve one of the most important acts for Latinos which was the Immigration Reform and Control Act it legalized illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. before 1982 and weren’t guilty of committing any crimes. This law also made it illegal to hire illegal immigrants to work. During the late 80’s particularly 1988 Latino Dr. Lauro Cavazos was appointed secretary of education by Ronald Reagan. In 1989 the first

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