What Was The Effects Of The Manhattan Project

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World War II began in 1939 and Hitler was looking for global domination and Japan, Germany’s ally, attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, which killed 2,000 Americans, sinking four out of eight battleships, and destroying 188 aircrafts. America had finally entered the war. Intel about Germany’s efforts about building a nuclear weapon to end World War II traces back to a letter from Albert Einstein to President Roosevelt. Einstein, along with other scientists, urged Roosevelt to establish a committee to monitor nuclear developments and study the potential military use of fission because he was convinced that Germany had enough knowledge to make an atomic weapon. The Manhattan Project was created in order for the United States to develop an atomic bomb before Germany could. The after effects of the Manhattan Project allowed for new opportunity to further explore uses of nuclear …show more content…
While the Manhattan Project allowed for new development of nuclear power for the future, it also marked the beginning of age of nuclear warfare.
The Manhattan Project was a research project in which their goal was to build and develop an atomic bomb during World War II. During the early stages of the project, it was a private project not open to the public. Scientists worked in isolation and in different parts of the country so most did not know about the larger project they were really working on. The science behind the bomb was that an uranium atom nucleus splits and creates heat and a chain reaction. Scientists working on the project tested their first atomic bomb in 1945 and it was equal to the force of 40,000 pounds of dynamite, which was 2,000 times greater than the most powerful bomb at the time. After President Roosevelt died, Harry S. Truman stepped up and was the

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