Essay on What Was Taught At The Beginning Of The Video?

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1) Describe what was taught in this virtual lesson. What teaching methods did you observe? How effective were these activities and methods in teaching the TEKS identified at the beginning of the video?
What was taught was poetry and their sound devices. The students went over the vocabulary because you assigned several kids to look up that information on the dictionary. Then you read some poems to give examples of each word in the vocabulary. I know that if you had the students you would have them read the poems so that they could participate as well. I assume that you were doing cooperative teaching or you intend to. The activities were not that effective because it would have been better if you would have provided the information that you were reading to the whole class so that they can follow along while you read. You did put the examples on the board but could barely see what you were writing. It would have been better if you would of past out the poems and allow them to underline the words the you were writing as examples or their own notes. You could have used the computer in the room and shown us what you were reading instead of reading from your laptop. I did hear you present the TEKs in the beginning, but you don’t specify what grade level your teaching. You can just write down on the board for us to see. I also heard you tell some students by name to look for the vocabulary words in the dictionary for you. What grade level is this.

2) What “worked”…

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