What Was Native American Society Like Before European Contact?

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What was native American society like before European contact? What similarities and differences existed? Native American life before European contact consisted of complex nation states with no dense population and organized politics and military. In contrast, Europe population was extremely dense, although they had the same organization in politics and military. In addition, Native American women has prominent and respected role in society, while women in Europe were seen as less than men and not allowed to have a voice. Lastly, even Though both cultures had developed agriculture, their staple crops differed, which included potatoes for Europe and corn for the Americas.
What factors led to Europe’s increased exploration and to the discovery of the New World?
The factors that led to increased exploration and discovery of the New World include a new route to Asia, since this would bring in trade and wealth. In addition competition between countries to obtain an increased amount of power,money and social standing among the other countries in Europe was a huge factor in the exploration and the discovery of the New World. Lastly, the least prominent factor is the thirst for adventure and exploration of the men.
What is the Columbian Exchange? What are some of the results of the Columbian Exchange?
The Colombian Exchange was the a period in history where culture and biological articles, such as plants, animals and diseases, were being exchanged between the Americas and Europe.…

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