What Was It That Inspired You For Become An Actress? Essay

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While I have been a When Calls the Heart fan from Day One, I sometimes lose track of the actors who were a part of the cast in seasons one and two. Thankfully, I am connected with a superb network of Hearties who keep me abreast of such things, and recently, that is exactly what happened. Katelyn Meger, the actress who is fondly remembered as Rachel from When Calls the Heart, has matured into a lovely, young lady whose star is quickly on the ascent. Not too long ago, I had the supreme honor of chatting with this Joey-Award winning actress about her memorable past roles as well as her phenomenal experience with Charlotte 's Song, an independent film that has given her thunderous acclaim.

photo credit: Mark Brennan photo credit: Mark Brennan
RH: What was it that inspired you to become an actress?

KM: Ever since I was very young, I 've always loved performing for my parents and in shows. I always wanted to be out there performing for people--singing, dancing, doing plays. I remember I 'd always stand in front of my TV as a little girl, and I would act out scenes from my favorite movies. So all that inspired me to become an actor because being an actor allows you to be that outgoing, inspiring, positive person you are.

When you 're filming, how do you manage your schoolwork?Once we determine how long we 're going to be shooting, depending on the length of the film time, they may have a tutor. So if I do happen to have a tutor, then my tutor and I will work on my schoolwork…

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