What View Am I? Essay

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What View am I?
When I read Tenny 's explanation of 'The Millennial Views ', I thought to myself what view am I? I also pondered, just how much do I really believe and understand the book of Revelation?
First, I do believe it was a revelation from Jesus Christ which God gave to him. There are so many variations of what is the truth. However, God tells us at the beginning of Revelation that he is the author. Therefore, God is the author, Jesus is the Revelation and John is the literal writer.
It is amazing that all through the New Testament there are happenings that fulfill what was written in the Old Testament. No body can write history in advance and tell you exactly what is going to happen in advance but God. If a book written thousands of years ago can tell me what is happening today, I am going to believe God wrote it. When one first starts to study Revelation it appears like something from a different world. It is totally different from any other book of the New Testament. Also, very difficult to understand and apply to todays christain life.
Bibicial scholars have been facinated with Revelation for centuries. Many scholars have different opinions. It appears to me that the book of Revelation is about Heaven, Christ second coming and the end of the world as we know it today.
Although, written to the seven churches of Asia, Revelation is also for the entire church worldwide. It appears to me that God would not have just chosen seven specific churches. What…

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