What Unique Characteristics Set You Apart From Other Applicants?

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• Physician Assistant education programs are highly competitive. What unique characteristics set you apart from other applicants?
I am an extremely hard worker, and dedicated to everything that I engage in. I enjoy being challenged, constantly look for opportunities to grow professionally and personally, and have risen to all the academic and work related challenges in my life. I have been dreaming about working in health care since my childhood and I will bring that passion to working with my patients. These qualities, along with my passion for the job and my dedication to patient care, will allow me to make substantial contributions to the PA profession. I am flexible, with strong interpersonal skills, fully committed to working as part of a team, all characteristics which are crucial for providing the best patient care possible as a PA. I have been exposed to the healthcare industry both in this country and abroad, and in numerous contexts: in hospitals, specialized schools, and through working with children. These experiences will allow me to bring multiple perspectives to my future work. (819)
• What factors/innovations do you think will have the most impact on the future of medicine?
New imaging innovations will help with early detection and diagnosis of diseases. Advances in sequencing the human genome, as well as cancer tumors themselves, have resulted in targeted treatments using the patient’s DNA against cancer cells, such as blood cancers.…

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