What U.S Export to China Essay

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Good afternoon everyone, my name is Han pu. I’m glad to present my current event today.
When speak of trade between United States and China, the first that comes into our mind might be the big trade deficit from China to United States. However, have you ever think about the other side, what does America export to its third largest foreign market China? Last Tuesday I read an article from Chinabusinessview’ website, named What America exports to china. In this article, the author list the top 10 exports from America to China with the facts and numbers related. These products could be divided these products into three types. Type one are agriculture products including Soybean, cotton and corn. Type two is aircrafts and vehicles
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In China, agriculture is more like a labor-intensive industry and in America, it is more like a technology-intensive industry nowadays. As a result, the productivity in America agriculture industry is much higher than that of China. So that they can produce more products with less inputs and export the extra to country in need, such as China.

Concerns 1. It will be a tremendous impact to China’s agriculture and also Chinese farmer. Nowadays, there are still 65 million famers in China, around 50% of the total population. The huge import of foreign agriculture products with higher quality but lower price would badly harm their benefits. 2011年末,中国大陆总人口134735万人,其中城镇人口69079万人,乡村人口65656万人,城镇人口占总人口比重达到51.27%。
2. It has a negative effect on crop diversity and genetic diversity. Products under highest productivity do not ensure the best quality, like some of the GM food, which may looks good but taste not as good as the natural ones. My in terms of human choice, the need to maintain biodiversity.
Is only considered to maximize the interests of farmers, but forgotten our environment and ecology.我在美国发现,美国的水果很漂亮,但苹果吃不到苹果味,梨吃不到梨味。鸡肉又便宜又好看,但也吃不到鸡味。因此,美国农产品效率最高并不意味着最好,从人类的选择来讲,需要保持生物的多样性 3. Agriculture is the foundation of national economic growth, and also plays a very important role in national security. So, it is always a sensitive issue among international trade, and it is

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